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Annual Supporter

At the annual supporter tier, our sponsors have access to branding opportunities for our major national events throughout the year.

Each Annual supporter is invited to join us for branding opportunities before, on-site, and after our national events. Each national event generally includes an educational and social component, with many of our events spanning multiple days.

National events include, but are not limited to, INCBA Partnerships with MJBiz and NCIA, as well as our own Cannabis Law Institute.

The Take:
Branding and recognition benefits at four of our major national events ($3,000 value each)Two Regional Sponsored Events ($1000 value each).50% discounts on additional opportunities.
The Ante:
Start at $10,000 for a value of $14,000+

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Online CLE

INCBA is the leading provider of Cannabis-focused Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the World, with over 60 CLE videos On-Demand, and multiple videos being added each month. Associating your brand with with our education is a great way to make sure your brand and reliability of information are synonymous.

Sponsor a Webinar

Starts at $500
15 Second intro video to introduce live webinar presentations, which will be added to any on-demand replays for a minimum of 6 months. Webinars will bear the sponsor branding, and will be marketed with sponsor branding in accordance with INCBA Webianr Marketing.

Moderate a Webinar

Starts at $1,500
Work with the INCBA Team to organize a webinar, moderated by an individual to me mutually agreed upon by the INCBA Team and you. All webinars must adhere to INCBA CLE Policies, and INCBA retains control over scheduling, presentation, and public facing aspects of the webinar.

National Conferences

INCBA takes part in a number of national conferences throughout the year, hosting both educational sessions and social events for the lawyers engaging with this unique industry.

Cannabis Law Institutesm The Cannabis Law Institutesm is our marquis event, spanning three days and featuring the top legal minds in the industry. Punctuated by live demonstrations, networking events, receptions, and more - these CLE sessions are the most sophisticated set of programming available at the intersection of the the Cannabis industry and law.

INCBA @ NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo. INCBA has been on site with NCIA for their largest annual conference for the past 5 years. This year, we are combining two days of education with one of our unique social gatherings - 5 CLE credits in total, and one great party!

MJBizCon. We are proud partner of MJBizCon, and have participated in a variety of ways with their conferences over the past half decade. Whether its on the Expo Floor in the Lawyers Lounge, at an incredible party, or during our forward facing educational series, we look forward to participating with MJBiz in the coming years, in Las Vegas, New Orleans, or wherever else this industry takes us!

The Take:
Choose between the daytime education or the evening social event to gain incredible brand access and recognition where it gives you the best value.Educational Sponsorships associate your brand with the most sophisticated education available to lawyers in the cannabis industry, and give you the opportunity to connect with customers, referral sources, and more in a setting conducive to presentations, demos, and other ways to connect around your products and services.Social Sponsorships associate your brand with a subtle sophistication that combines the boundary-pushing industry with a set of legal thought leaders. Looking to make a mark and to carve out a memorable space for a potential partner? No better way than to connect at an INCBA event you are helping host.Combine both - and get the best of both worlds!

The Ante:
Pick either the day or the evening event starting at $2,000Combine both at a single national event, and get them for $3,000.

Regional Socials

INCBA was built by a grassroots movement towards better legal services - and that starts with lawyers making connections.

By coming together and talking - we find the service providers we like the most, the referrals that we know we can trust, and the comfort in knowing that we have an army of attorneys that face the same difficult issues that we do in each day of our practice.

Sponsoring these events puts your brand at the middle of this incredible community. Support the association and the legal industry in cannabis, and you can rest assured, our members will notice.

The Take:
INCBA Helps to curate the guest list, market the social event and/or party, and makes sure that your name is out there and being circulated in our community.INCBA Provides input on what works and what doesnt.As host, you will cover the logistics (venue, tabs, etc.)

The Ante:
Hosts donate $1,000 to INCBA in exchange for logistic support for the event.The host organizes the event they want to see with input from INCBA, and takes on the costs associated with the event (INCBA must approve all final event plans).

Sponsor INCBA

INCBA regularly engages our membership and the broader cannabis industry, and we offer our sponsors a sophisticated audience that includes, among others:
Over 800 top lawyers in the cannabis space.Marketing emails 2x / month to over 4,500 industry professionals.Social Media Presence of over 5,000+ Followers.Biweekly webinars showcasing leaders in cannabis business, nonprofits, and law.

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